Dix Hills Personal Injury Lawyers At The law firm of Riegler & Berkowitz The law firm of Riegler & Berkowitz have experienced local Dix Hills personal injury lawyers to represent you, your family and friends in the surrounding areas of Suffolk County New York.
Our veteran personal injury attorneys provide legal representation to those injured, physically and psychologically, as a result of auto accidents, bike accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall, including sidewalk and other premises accidents, construction site accidents, defective products, wrongful death, dog bites, medical malpractice, and other types of accidents.
After an accident it is crucial that you consult a Dix Hills personal injury lawyer who is experienced with New York accident cases as soon as possible.
Riegler & Berkowitz will protect your rights and offers free initial consultations to our Dix Hills personal injury clients. We will work on a contingency basis and you will owe no fees unless we obtain a recovery for you and this is not due until the conclusion of your case.


Riegler & Berkowitz prioritizes delivering highly personalized legal services to our personal injury clients, all at reasonable costs. Our commitment to you is to provide exceptional client care and tailored legal solutions that address your specific needs.

Personal Injury Lawyers Dix Hills

Our Personal Injury Lawyers Dix Hills are all experienced in a wide variety of personal injury cases in Suffolk County New York, and at Riegler & Berkowitz we get our Dix Hills clients the results they expect and deserve, while helping you more fully understand your legal rights and options, please remember New York is a No-Fault insurance state.

Riegler and Berkowitz is proud of our expert team of Dix Hills Personal Injury Attorneys.  Our lawyers have decades of experience ensuring that our clients get the best possible outcomes in their cases revolving around both mental and physical ailments.  If you were harmed in any way by a situation that was not in your control, you should not hesitate to call the team at Riegler and Berkowitz.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to someone else’s negligence, or even if you have questions about injuries you sustained in a Suffolk County area accident contact us for more information about our Dix Hills Personal Injury Law practice call 631-608-4114 today.

Dix Hills Real Estate Lawyers

Riegler & Berkowitz the Dix Hills real estate lawyers are here for you whether you are a buyer or seller of residential and commercial real estate you need to work with a lawyer to negotiate the terms of agreement; draft and review the contract; review related paperwork (such as loan agreements etc.); clear existing liens on a property; and attend the closing.

Learn more about Dix Hills Suffolk County real estate law and what the real estate attorneys at Riegler & Berkowitz can do for you call 631-608-4114.

Dix Hills Criminal Lawyers

At Riegler & Berkowitz we offer Dix Hills criminal lawyers 24/7 with a RISK FREE consultation. We are a recognized Long Island criminal attorney practice with offices located in Melville NY, and if you’ve been arrested and charged with a crime, you’ll need a qualified criminal attorney immediately for legal representation and defense.
The law of Riegler & Berkowitz handle’s criminal cases frequently and understands the steps in a criminal case from arrest all the way through trial and appeal if necessary.

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